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China has more than 400 million hectares of grassland. The diverse types of pasturelands feed many kinds of domestic animals in different seasons. Pasturelands constitute a quarter of the national total area, making China one of the countries with largest area of pasturelands in the world. Natural pasturelands are mainly distributed in areas west and north of the Greater Hinggan Mountains, the Yinshan Mountain and the eastern foot of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, while artificial pasturelands are concentrated in southeast China.

Inner Mongolia Pastoral Area:The largest in China, it produces such fine breeds as Sanhe horse and Sanhe cattle.

Xinjiang Pastoral Area:Its fine breeds include Xinjiang fine-wool sheep, Altay big-tail sheep and Ili horse.

Qinghai Pastoral Area:The main yak producing area, it also breeds the world-famous Hequ horse.

Tibet Pastoral Area:The main yak producing area.

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