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H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan's Address at the Talk Program of the 56th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Ties between China and Nepal Held by Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council
Kathmandu, July 28, 2011

The Distinguished friends,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very pleased to attend the ceremony held the by the Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council to mark the 56th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Nepal. I would like to take this opportunity to sum ​​up the past and look into the future and work together to create a new highlight in the bilateral relations.

Nepal and China are friendly and close neighbors for generations which have a long history of exchanges and cooperation. As early as 406 AD, the Chinese monk Fa Xian already visited Nepal. During Tang Dynasty, envoys exchanges between the two countries were quite frequent, Emperor Taizong of Tang sent several envoys including Li Yibiao and Wang Xuance to Nepal, and the King of Nepal also sent envoys in return. In Yuan Dynasty, the famous craftsman Arniko came to China and built many famous wonders. And when facing the aggression of western imperialists and colonialists, the people of both countries who supported and helped each other, maintained and developed the traditional friendship and good national feelings through mutual support and sympathy.

On August 1, 1955 after the founding of the People's Republic of China, our two countries signed the "Joint Communique" in Kathmandu which marked the establishment of diplomatic relations, and this opened a new chapter of friendly exchanges between the two countries. A few years later, the two governments built their embassies in each other's capital, and the ​​bilateral relations enjoyed unprecedented development. How time flies, 56 years have passed in the blink of an eye. During these years, regardless of how the international and domestic situation changed, our bilateral relations had maintained a healthy, stable and comprehensive development on the basis of mutual respect, mutual trust, utter sincerity, and Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. This must be the result of both the foresight of our leaders and the diligent cultivation of our peoples.

On December 30, 2009, the two countries jointly issued the "Joint Statement" which upgraded the bilateral relations to Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation featuring ever-lasting friendship. In recent years, our exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, culture, sports, religion and education are showing a good momentum. Politically, more frequent high-level visits have promoted the communication between the governments and parties; economically, more profitable bilateral trade has promoted the win-win cooperation between the companies; culturally, more constant exchanges have deepened emotion and communication between the two peoples. Relations are progressing in the right direction that we should cherish.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. We should never forget that, regardless how complex the situation was, we two peoples consistently stand together through thick and thin. The Chinese people have always prayed for the stability and development of Nepal, and the Nepalese people have always supported the concerns of the Chinese side. This is the most precious fortune in the friendship from generation to generation between the two countries which we need take care of and inherit

Nepali friendship groups including Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council have been actively engaged in enhancing China-Nepal friendly relations, and because of your hard work and substantial support, our friendly cooperative relationship can be inherited and developed. As Chinese ambassador to Nepal, I will continuously strengthen communication and exchanges with your Committee and other friendly organizations, and work together to promote the bilateral relations. I firmly believe that under the joint efforts of the two governments and peoples, the flowers that symbolize our friendship will certainly bloom, and the trees that symbolize our friendship will certainly flourish.

Thank you!

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