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H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan Attends the Cultural Program Celebrating 3rd Anniversary of Establishing CRI Confucius Classroom Nepal

On 2 August, 2012, Chinese Radio International (CRI) Confucius Classroom Nepal held a Cultural Program to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Establishing CRI Confucius Classroom Nepal as well as 57th Anniversary of Establishing Nepal-China diplomatic relationship. H.E. Mr. Yang Houlan, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, and H.E. Mr. Lila Mani Paudel, Secretary of Council of Ministers and Office of Prime Minister attended the program and gave their remarks.


Yang reviewed the development of China-Nepal relations since the two countries established diplomatic relationship 57 years ago and expressed his gratitude to those who have made positive contributions to the promotion of friendship between the two countries and the two peoples. He believed that CRI Nepali Service and its Confucius Classroom will also continuously play a role as a bridge to connect the two peoples, and will constantly reinforce the bilateral friendly basis of public opinion and promote bilateral cultural exchange, and will play a more active role in promoting the friendly relations between the two countries.

Paudel extended his warm congratulations to the 3rd anniversary of the Confucius Classroom by CRI Nepali Service. He said Nepal and China has historical relations in culture, economy and religion. China's good and fast developing economy has influenced more Nepali people to study Chinese language and culture. CRI Confucius classroom has provided a good learning platform for the Nepali students and communities. Nepal hopes to develop together with China and cultivate young people that have international competitiveness. He wished Nepal-China friendship last forever.


The attendants highly appreciated the smooth development of China-Nepal friendly cooperative relations, and the contribution made by CRI Confucius Classroom Nepal to promoting cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the two countries. They thought Nepal is deeply influenced by culture and hoped that more people will choose to study Chinese language and understand Chinese culture. At the mean time, Nepal needs to learn more from the developing mode of China and end current political transition quickly to open a new developing era.


 The splendid Chinese and Nepalese cultural show in the program won much applause from the audience.
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