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H. E. Ambassador Yang Houlan's Speech at the Spring Festival Celebration Organized by CI
(January 26, 2013)

Your Excellency Mr. Lila Mani Paudel, the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nepal,

All senior gusts, dear Friends,

Before the grandest traditional festival of China---Spring Festival approaches, in the transition of dragon year and snake year, I, on behalf of Embassy of China to Nepal, extend my heartfelt greeting to those comrades, teachers and students who study, work in Nepal, I wish, in new year, they work smoothly, happy life, may everything be so. And I express my gratitude to the Confucius Institute(CI) of Kathmandu University for organizing this celebration.

Recall the last year, 2012, China has made great progress on national construction and foreign relations. Developments of economy, culture and social works gave an all-out impetus, and the living standard of the people rise year by year, comprehensive national power was enhanced greatly. Meanwhile, we always stick to target of peaceful development, and launch all-round diplomacy to strengthen exchange and cooperation all over the world, to make a new contribution for building harmonious world. The 18th National Congress of CPC held on the end of 2012 describes the grand blueprint to implement the "moderate prosperity" program in an all-round way and build socialist modernization, which show clearly the direction for the Party and State’s career. Now, the Chinese people of all nationalities closely united under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee headed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, to exert ourselves in the struggle for the "moderate prosperity" program in an all-round way.

The past year has seen all-round development of China-Nepal friendly relations. Premier Wen’s successful visit to Nepal would elevate bilateral friendly cooperative relations to a new height. China-Nepal Friendship and Exchange Year is going on splendidly with our joint efforts. A series of events this year have been successfully held, such as “Happy Chinese New Year”, “Chinese Film Festival”, “Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest”, “Nepal-China Friendship Week”, “China Winter Camp in Nepal”, “Nepal Art Festival” and so on, further promoting the friendship between the two countries. There's no doubt that the progress mentioned above all is inseparable from the contribution of all of you present here. And I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all of you.

China and Nepal have witnessed increasingly active exchanges in various fields and interact of humanistic culture gradually developing. Learning Chinese has also become new craze in Nepal. Statistics shows that at present time, more than 3000 universities in over 100 countries offer course of Chinese language. More than 40 million foreign people are learning Chinese language. Many countries have listed Chinese Language as a foreign language to be tested by students who want to enroll universities as well as Nepal with these strong trends above. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all the Chinese teachers in Nepal and Nepali friends who continuously support on Chinese teacher working.

Thank you!

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