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Address by H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan at Welcome Ceremony for Chinese Writers' Delegation
(January 29, 2013)

Mr. Til Bikram Nembang, Chancellor of Nepal Academy,

Mr. Zhang Jian, Head of the Chinese Writers’ Delegation,

Distinguished guests and dear friends, Ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon.

At first, I’d like to extend my warm welcome to Chinese Writers’ Delegation from afar, and thanks to World Cultural Net for organizing this welcome ceremony.

In recent years, it is fruitful for China-Nepal exchanges and cooperation in the field of culture. As the people of the two countries are attracted by each other's unique and diversified culture, cultural exchanges have gained a much better momentum than ever.

The activities, such as Culture Festivals, Photography Exhibitions, Art Performance,etc., constantly come into China-Nepal cultural stages, which are not only promoting the culture of two countries but also enhancing the friendly contacts between the two peoples. Last October, I attended the Founding ceremony of Devkota Lu Xun Academy , which fully indicates that space for cultural exchanges is huge, and it is the common desire of our two peoples that the friendly exchanges and mutual understanding in the cultural fields.

The 18th National Congress of CPC held last November emphasized that China should carry on the positive aspects of Chinese traditional culture, and at the same time open the cultural sector wider to the outside world and draw on cultural achievements of other countries. The visit of Chinese writers’ delegation to Nepal is the positive attempt for implementing the spirit mentioned above. Cultural exchange is one of the most important powers which promote the advancement of society of the human beings. Therefore, Strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between China and Nepal will be favorable to advance common development, as well as making a contribution to the cultural development and integration of the world.

Wish the visit of Chinese Writers’ Delegation in Nepal a complete success!

Thank you all.

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