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Ambassador Yang Houlan's Interview by The People's Review

His Excellency Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan is an experienced and carrier diplomat. Among the diplomatic community, Yang is known as a dynamic ambassador who is very keen in further enhancing Nepal-China relations in different dimensions. Although he assumed office just half a year ago, he is found active in promotion of bilateral relations between Nepal and China. Before his Kathmandu assignment, Yang has already served as an ambassador to Afghanistan. In this regard, he is all aware about conflict, transitional phase and peace process. Ambassador Yang, thus, has wished for logical end of the ongoing peace process and drafting of constitution soon and wished for peaceful stable Nepal. Excerpts of an interview by Punjita Pradhan as given below:

1. Your excellency, what is your first impression after your assignment in Nepal as an Ambassador?

First, Nepal is a great country with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, rich cultural and religious heritage, which attracted many tourists, especially Chinese tourists to come and visit here.

Second, Nepal is a friendly country. Since taking office for half year here, I have deeply felt the long history and good atmosphere of China-Nepal friendship, and the excellent friendship between our governments, political parties and peoples.

Finally, Nepal is a land of great potential. Nepal is now in the crucial period of transition and faces many problems. Since Nepal's long history and thousands of years of civilization have never been interrupted, industrious and brave people of Nepal have the ability to realize their country's political stability, economic development and social progress.

2. How do you access the current situation in Nepal?

Currently, Nepal is now at a critical moment of political transition and faces two historical tasks of peace process and writing constitution. Through contacts with Nepali people from various walks of life, I feel that everyone has a strong desire to realize the national stability and development. Although there are some differences in some issues, I feel that they want to achieve the goal of pushing forward peace, stability and development.

As Nepal's neighbor, China sincerely wishes and believes that under the common efforts of political parties and all Nepali people, Nepal will complete peace and constitution process and do realize political stability, economic development and livelihood improvement.

3. What are your priorities in Nepal?

Since establishment of the diplomatic ties over 50 years, the bilateral relations between China and Nepal have been growing in a healthy and steady manner. As a Chinese envoy to Nepal, I will do my best in pushing forward China-Nepal Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation. Politically, I will actively promote high-level visits and continuously consolidate the political foundation of friendship. Economically, I will push more pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in hydropower, agriculture, infrastructure construction and other areas, continue to accelerate the building of the land passageways.. In other fields, I hope to expand cooperation in culture, youth, women, inter-party exchanges and so on, to tighten the bonds of friendship between the two peoples.

4. How do you access the Nepal-China relations in the present political context?

China-Nepal have been enjoying time-honored friendly exchanges. Since established the diplomatic relations in 1955, both sides have withstood changes of the international situation and have been growing in a consistent, steady and healthy. The characteristics of the two relations are equality and harmonious coexistence. China and Nepal established a Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation. The two countries adhere to the principle of peacefully coexistence and non-alignment in each other's internal affairs. Nepal is now in a critical period of transition. China firmly supports Nepal's peace and constitution process and that efforts made to uphold independence, state sovereignty, territorial integrity, national unity and stability. As your close neighbor, China is pleased to see the progress made in the peace process in Nepal and we sincerely hope Nepal can realize peace, stability and prospect.

5. After the visit of the Chinese Premier in Nepal early this year, what height does it give to the Nepal-China relations?

Premier Wen's visit to Nepal is a milestone between two countries. This is Chinese Premier's first visit to Nepal in 10years. During his visit, Premier Wen held a talk with Prime Minister Bhattarai, met with Preisdent Yadav and also communicated with parties leaders. Premier Wen spoke highly of Nepal's position on unswervingly pursuing one china policy and understands and supports China's core interests. Nepalese side also appreciated China's policy and selfless support towards Nepal. The two sides signed eight agreements on Economic assistance, culture cooperation, border management, trans-frontier pasturing, cooperation between two Foreign ministries and issued a Joint statement, which gained important achievements. Premier Wen's visit would further consolidate tradtional China-Nepal friendship, deepen mutual cooperation and promote common development. The visit accessed China-Nepal Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation a new height.

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