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H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan Visits Capital FM92.4 Radio Station and Undertakes an Exclusive Interview

On 21 June, 2012, H.E. Mr. Yang Houlan, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, visited Capital FM92.4 radio station and undertook a live exclusive interview.


Yang observed the Capital FM92.4 studio accompanied by Mr. Prakash Babu Paudel, the Chairman of Capital FM92.4 and the President of Nepal-China Youth Friendship Association. Meeting with the young journalists in the station, Yang said that the media plays an important role in the aspects of enhancing the understanding and friendship between the two peoples, and strengthening the bilateral mutually-benefit cooperation. The electric wave makes the peoples of China and Nepal become intimate friends beyond the obstacle of Himalayas. I hope Nepal's medias will continue to make efforts for promoting the understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and Nepal.

Yang was interviewed by Capital FM92.4 and China International Radio respectively, shared his view on Nepal's political situation, China-Nepal relations and regional cooperation, etc. The interview will also be broadcasted at 7:30 and 20:30, June 22 in the FM92.4.

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