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Address by H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan at Talk Program on CRI Nepali Service and Nepal-China Friendship Relation

Respectable Mr. Ganga Prasad Uprety, Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy,

H.E. Mr. Rajeshwor Acharya, Former Nepalese Ambassador to China,

Distinguished guests,

Good afternoon.

I’m very glad to attend today’s talk program organized by National Council of CRI Listeners’ Clubs-Nepal and CRI Confucius Classroom. Firstly, on this auspicious occasion of 37th Anniversary of CRI Nepali Service, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, I would like to extend my warm congratulation to CRI, and my sincere gratitude to the listeners of CRI Nepali Service for your kind support.

Established in 1941, CRI has now become one of most popular radio in the world with most broadcasting-languages and widest coverage. CRI has a great number of listeners all over the world, and many spontaneous listeners’ clubs. CRI Nepali Service began in 1975 and now broadcasts 4 hours a day through medium wave and short wave. The listeners of CRI Nepali Service not only spreads all over the Nepal, but also have fixed groups in other countries like Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Over the past 37 years, the listeners of CRI Nepali Service are increasing day by day. They call CRI Nepali Service as "the friendship bridge in air over the Himalayas". The National Council of CRI Listeners’ Clubs-Nepal has about 3000-4000 members, and hundreds of listeners’ clubs national wide. CRI Listeners’ Clubs often organizes various activities, to publicize CRI Nepali Service and promote China-Nepal friendship.

China and Nepal are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. The friendship between the two peoples has a long history. Chinese monk Fa Xian, Xuan Zang, and Nepalese Princess Bhrukuti, Architect Arniko were the envoys of friendship and the heralds of exchanges between us. Their stories are still popular among our two peoples. Having established diplomatic ties for 56 years, no matter how international or domestic situations change, China and Nepal are always trusting and supporting each other. our bilateral relations are always developing healthily and smoothly. China persistently respects Nepal’s independence, sovereignty and territory integrity, and the developing path chosen by the Nepalese people according to their own situation. Nepal firmly pursues one-China policy and never allows any forces to use its territory to conduct any anti-China activities. In recent years, more and more Chinese tourists and business enterprise come to Nepal, whereas more and more Nepalese are eager to learn Chinese language and culture. China established a Confucius Institute and several Confucius classrooms in Nepal, and sends about 80 Chinese language volunteers teachers. I firmly believe that, no matter how Nepal’s political situation changes, the developing trend of China-Nepal friendly cooperative relations will remain same, because of the solid social and public foundation.

On this January, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has paid a successful official visit to Nepal. The state leaders of the two countries reached a broad consensus on developing China-Nepal relations and expanding mutually-benefit cooperation. They issued a Joint Statement, and announced 2012 as China-Nepal Friendly Exchanges Year. Now the governments and peoples of our two countries are making joint efforts to implement our state leaders’ consensus, to push forward the exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, culture and all the other areas, to enrich China-Nepal Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation.

Lastly, I hope that the government and people of Nepal will continue to support CRI Nepali Service, and wish CRI Nepali Service better and better, to make new contributions to the understandings and friendship between the peoples of China and Nepal.

Thank you!

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