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Address by H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan on the Nepal Literary Conference

Mr. Ram Krishan Prajapati, Chairman of Organizing Committee,

Mr. Narayan Man Bijuikchhen, Chairman of the Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good aftertnoon!

In October, Nepal is a region of attractive scenery and picturesque. On the sunshiny day, I am pleased to be invited for Nepal Literary Conference and to share my view with all of you.

China is an ancient civilized country with 5000-year history, cultural inheritance never ended. China’s peaceful developing policy comes from deeply rooted traditional culture. The four great inventions of China: Paper-making, compass, powder, type-printing, have had produced a radical influence on world civilization and mankind progress. Francis Bacon wrote that “Printing, powder and compass have changed separately literature, war and navigation, and then changed the whole world completely.”

Moyan, a Chinese well-known writer, won Nobel Prize in Literature on 11th October, 2012, Chinese literature become the talk of the towns and the focus of society. To understand Chinese culture will be benefitial to consolidate and develop friendship between two countries. We are pleased to know that the various Chinese cultural festivals are all the vogue in Nepal, and Nepal Cultural Festival started up smoothly in China. I do believe that the future of Sino-Napali cultural exchange will be as brilliant sunshine as Nepal in October.

China has been an ancient country with thousands years cultural development as well as Nepal. The cultural exchange between China and Nepal have a long history. This October, Nepal Devkota Lu-Hsun Academy was founded, it shows that friendly exchange and drawing lesson from each other have been consensus and aspirations of our two peoples.

The cultural exchange is an important power to push human society forward, China and Nepal should join hands to promote our development, and to make more contribution for world cultural development and harmony.

Thank you all.

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