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China Aid Post-Quake Reconstruction Projects in Nepal

After the devastating earthquake shocked Nepal in 2015, China committed itself to providing grant assistance for 25 reconstruction projects in five sectors, namely, infrastructure, people's livelihood in mountain areas, archeological heritage renovation, disaster preparedness and health. Now we have already completed 12 projects of them. The remaining 13 projects are also in progress. It can be said that all our commitments have been put in place. Here is a glimpse of China aid reconstruction projects in Nepal.


1. China Aid Kathmandu Ring Road Improvement Project

The Kathmandu Ring Road, built with aid from the Chinese government, was opened to traffic in February 1977. The 27 kilometers long road is the main road of Kathmandu. The 10km congested road section improvement project was completed in December 2018, with two-way eight-lane, and the first urban interchange Kalanki Bridge.

2. China Aid Tatopani Frontier Inspection Station Project

The construction was started in December 2012 and stopped in April, 2015 due to the earthquake. Going through heavy rain, floods, landslides and other natural disasters, the construction resumed in April 2018 and completed in April 2019. Overcoming many difficulties and challenges, the Tatopani Frontier Inspection Station was completed, and Zhangmu-Kodari Port was re-opened.

3. China Aid Earthquake Monitoring Network Project

The Network was put into operation in October 2019. A national seismic data center was established in Kathmandu, a data backup center was built in Biratnagar of the first province, and 10 seismic observatories is being equipped in the northern part of Nepal to monitor and warn earthquakes of magnitude 3 and above in Nepal. The picture shows a monitoring site located in the Darchula area of No. 7 province.

4. China Aid Kathmandu Durbar High School Project

The building of Kathmandu Durbar High School was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake and could not be used further. The Reconstruction Project was started in July 2018 and now completed. It has a total construction area of 4200 square meters, with more than 40 classrooms.

5. China Aid Arniko Highway Long-term Opening Maintenance Project

The 104 kilometers long Anigo Highway was opened to traffic in May 1967. It is the first China Aid project in Nepal which carries the friendship between China and Nepal over the past half century. After the "4·25" earthquake in 2015, the road was seriously damaged, and the Chinese government launched a long-term maintenance project.

6. China Aid Civil Service Hospital Project

Civil Service Hospital was completed in September 2008 and is located in the center of Kathmandu. With a construction area of about 11,000 square meters and more than 120 beds, it provides medical service to the public. The upgrading and renovation project aided by the Chinese government has been started in September 2018, a new surgical building with an additional 117 beds will be built.

7. China Aid Nine-storeyed Basantapur Tower Restoration Project at Durbar Square of Kathmandu

The nine-storeyed Basantapur Tower in Durbar Square, Kathmandu, was built in the 18th century during Shah Dynasty. The Restoration Project started in November 2017 is one of the China aided post- disaster reconstruction projects, implemented by the China Academy of Cultural Heritage.

8. Third round of emergency relief goods supported by the Chinese Government arrived in Kathmandu after the "4·25" earthquake in 2015

9. Chinese Medical Team providing personnel treatment and epidemic prevention support after the "4·25" earthquake in 2015

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