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The World Exposition Shanghai China 2010


May 1 - October 31, 2010


Better City, Better Life


Expo 2010 Shanghai China is located along the both sides of the Huangpu River - the mother river of Shanghai, between Lupu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge. The Expo site is limited within 540 ha. and the Expo area is 400 ha.

Attendance Forecast:

The visits to Expo 2010 Shanghai China may reach 70 million.

Master Plan of the Expo Site:

The design and planning of the Expo site embody the harmony of human and nature. It is characterized by a canal, which clearly defines the boundary of the Expo area and melts the area into the city view harmoniously, and a stretching botanical corridor, which shows a different ecological environment from the downtown.

Design and Plan of the Pavilions:

The exposition zone of the Expo site can hold about 200 exhibition space, including 60 pavilions designed and built by international participants, 75 individualized stand-alone pavilion structures constructed by and rented from the organizer, 50 space for joint pavilion, and 10 international organizations' pavilions.

The main entrance of the Expo site is a ground spacious for Expo-related events and activities with cultural and entertainment facilities.

The traffic modes within the Expo site are mainly moving pedestrian and tramcar, equipped with metro lines and other new traffic modes so that all the visitors can reach every pavilion conveniently, comfortably and efficiently.

Please visitthe official site of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai Officefor further information.

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