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Ambassador Yang Houlan Met with Tuladhar, Education Minister of Nepal

On 26 July, Ambassador Yang Houlan met with Tuladhar, Education Minister of Nepal. The two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on strengthening cooperation in education, culture and tourism.

Tuladhar said that the Government and the people of Nepal appreciated that the Chinese Government provided selfless assistance on Nepal's economic and social development. He witnessed the Chinese Government's support in building highways in Nepal at his student period, which left him a deep impression. The cooperation in education between two sides has been unceasingly developed. The number of people who study Chinese and study in China have been increasing rapidly, which promotes the understanding and friendship between the two peoples. He hoped that the two countries can expand exchanges and cooperation in education, culture and tourism, and further expand the friendly foundation of the two countries.

Ambassador Yang Houlan appreciated the cooperation progress in education between the two counties. He spoke highly of coordination and support that the Education Ministry provided in sending exchange students and jointly building the Confucius Institute. He hoped that the Government of Nepal could actively promote China-Nepal education cooperation and enrich the content of Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation.

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