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The 2nd Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest Ends

On 13 September, the Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest was held in Nepal Institute. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Yang Houlan, Secretary of Education Ministry of Nepal Mr. Pandey, etc attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Yang Houlan said that with the constant development of China-Nepal friendship in recent years, Nepalese people are getting more and more eager to learn Chinese language and culture. Therefore, Chinese government has sent 7 batches of Chinese language volunteer teachers to Nepal to teach Chinese language. The Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University and Confucius Classroom at China Radio International have been established to provide more access to Nepalese people to learn Chinese language. At present time, about 10 thousand Nepalese people are learning Chinese language. I'm so glad to see more participants take part in the contest this year and they speak Chinese with higher level. I wish more and more Nepalese friends would become Chinese language talents and friendly envoys for China-Nepal friendship. Wish Chinese language teaching in Nepal could achieve better developments.

The Secretary of Education Ministry Mr. Pandey extended greetings to the attendees in Chinese and said that Nepal and China are close neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. The contacts among government departments and non-governmental levels have been moving forward. He appreciated that the Chinese government provided scholarship to Nepalese youth for learning Chinese and studying in China. Therefore, more and more Nepalese students are eager to learn Chinese and study in China. He believed that those people would become the envoy for China-Nepal friendship.

The 2nd Ambassador Cup Chinese Contest was organized by Chinese Embassy. In 3 months' competition, more than 270 students from 55 universities, high schools and primary schools took part in the contest. 34 contestants entered into the finals, 16 of them won the prize.

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