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H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan meets with the Chinese Teachers and Students attending the Mathematics Olympiad in Nepal

On November 16, 2011, H.E. Mr. Yang Houlan, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, cordially met with the Chinese students who are coming to Nepal to attend Asian Inter-cities Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad(AITMO) and their teachers.

AITMO is held in Nepal Malpi International School, with participants from many countries such as China, Thailand, Philippines Sri Lanka and South Africa. The 8 Chinese students competing in AITMO are from Jilin Songhua River Secondary School and Daqin Foreign Language School. They have got excellent results of one gold medal, four silver medals and two bronze medals. Ambassador Yang congratulated the students on their excellent performances, interacted with the teachers and the students, and told them historical stories of China-Nepal friendly exchanges and Nepal’s customs, traditions, cultures etc.

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