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Specific Requirements on Applying for a Chinese Volunteer Teacher

The Volunteer Program for International Chinese Teachers was launched by Hanban, a non-governmental organization affiliated to the Ministry of Education, to help the world solve the problem of a lack of Chinese language teachers. Usually, the term of service of a volunteer teacher is one year. For those who provided good services, they can continue their services as requested by themselves and the institutions they served after approval from Hanban. Any institutions including schools which hope to apply for Chinese volunteer teachers should meet the following specific requirements:

1. The institution should take any possible measure to ensure the volunteer teacher’s security and help to solve problems concerned. For institutions in remote areas, at least 2 volunteer teachers are necessary to work in one area.

2. No salary is needed to pay to volunteer teachers. The host institution shall pay for monthly 4000Rs per volunteer teacher as meal subsidy (if meals are provided, the subsidy could be cancelled), as well as housing accompanied with the basic facilities (water, electricity, bathroom, kitchen, cooking utensils and essential furniture etc.).The subsidy is to be provided without delay on the 1st day of each month.

3. A volunteer teacher should be guaranteed to take weekly 18-24 periods arranged by the institution.

4. The institution should have a good routine management of the volunteer teacher and make an evaluation of the volunteer teacher’s work in the written way at the end of each term. Meanwhile, the institution should also have a good touch with the students learning Chinese to know the suggestions on Chinese teaching and the volunteer teacher from the students, and contact frequently with the team leader of volunteer teachers about the feedback.

5. Chinese should be regarded as a compulsory course and formal exams should be organized.

6. The institution should support Chinese programs.

7. The institution should create a favorable environment in a comfortable way for volunteer teachers so that they can work in a comfortable manner.

8. The institution should make an evaluation of volunteer teachers before leaving.

9. To extend the service of the volunteer teacher, the institution is expected to inform the team leader of volunteer teachers in written way 3 months in advance.

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