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Ambassador Yang Houlan Bids Farewell to the 7the group of Chinese Volunteer Teachers in Nepal

On March 20, 2011, Mr. Yang Houlan, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Nepal, hosted a farewell dinner to the 7th group of 54 Chinese volunteer teachers in Nepal.

Yang highly appreciated and thanked the teachers for their hard work and selfless contributions. He stated in his address that language serves the bridge for people's communication. When volunteer teachers are teaching Chinese in Nepal, they are also helping the Nepalese and Chinese to know each other and promote their friendship. Some schools are located in remote areas. It needs to take 15-16 hour by car on the twisting hill roads to reach there from Kathmandu. But these young volunteer teachers have overcome the difficulties and been dedicated to their jobs.

The volunteer teachers said that they have gained a lot in one year's time in Nepal. They have experienced the brotherly friendship between Nepalese and Chinese. The leaving teachers felt sentimental to leave, while the remaining teachers are determined to shoulder the responsibility given by their motherland and continue to contribute to the China-Nepal friendship.

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