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H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan Attends the Interaction Program of "Experiencing China" at Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute

On 12 July, 2012, Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute (SVI) held a program of "Experiencing China", on which 10 SVI students shared their experience of visiting China last year. H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan and Mr. Madan Regmi, Chairman of China Study Centre were invited to interact with the students and teachers. Yang also donated a series of books about China to SVI on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. 

Yang said in his remark that the warm welcome given by SVI students and teachers to him makes him feel the deep friendly relations between China and Nepal. He believed that China-Nepal friendship will continue to develop healthily on such a solid foundation. After China and Nepal established diplomatic relations, two countries always trust each other and support each other. In recent years, people-to-people contact between the two countries becomes more and more frequent. Young students are not only the future of the nation, but also carry the heavy responsibility of continuing China-Nepal friendship. He believed that the youngsters are responsible and will ensure the traditional friendship between the two countries passing from generation to generation. 

Mr. Laxman Rajbanshi, Founder Principal of SVI and Mr. Rupak Rajbanshi, Principal of SVI gave their speech respectively. They highly valued China's development and Nepal-China relations. They said that the cultural exchanges between Nepal and China have a long history. China is Nepal's good neighbor and true friend. The government and the people of Nepal firmly stick to One China Principle. They are thankful to the Chinese side for providing such a preciously opportunity of visiting China for SVI students, enable them to have a direct knowledge about China and deepened their feelings for the friendly neighbor. They hoped that the two countries will develop more exchanges and cooperation in the humanities and education areas in future.


The students who visited China last year introduced their experience in Changsha, Shanghai, Peking and Xi'an by PPT. They were impressed by the traditional culture and the modern development of China, and experienced the warm hospitality that Chinese extending to Nepalese. They wish to make active contributions to the development of Nepal-China friendly relations.


SVI organized a warm welcome program to Ambassador Yang. Students were waving flags along the road from Chinese Embassy to SVI, and hundreds of the students were receiving Yang on the doorway of SVI. SVI also held a party after the interaction program, and arranged teachers' music band performance and students' dancing performances.

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