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Address by H.E. Ambassador Mr. Yang Houlan at the Celebration of the Third Anniversary of CRI Confucius Classroom
(August 2nd, 2012)

Your Excellency Mr. Lila Mani Poudel,Chief Secretary of Council of Ministers and Office of Prime Minister,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

I'm very pleased to join you to celebrate the third anniversary of the Confucius Classroom by China Radio International(CRI) Nepali Service, and 57th anniversary of Sino-Nepal diplomatic relations.

China Radio International Nepali service was formally launched in 1975 and now broadcasts 4 hours a day through medium wave and short wave. Over the past three decades, the CRI Nepali Service has crossed over Himalayas and made positive contributions to the development of China Nepal relations. Three years ago CRI also officially opened Confucius Classroom in Nepal, which has become a place for Nepalese people to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture, and a platform for cultural exchanges between the two countries. It can be said that the Confucius Classroom has become a most effective and direct key of the Nepalese people to understand the ancient and contemporary China.

Confucius is a great Chinese philosopher and educator. The Confucianism he founded has produced far-reaching implications not only in China, but also throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia, which has been the foundation of the traditional Chinese culture. Many of his ideas have run through the development of Chinese ethics, and have become the core factors in the Chinese value system. China today has inherited and developed the ideas of Confucius, and has proposed the path of peaceful development, pursued a win-win strategy, and made great efforts to the building of a harmonious world.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 57 years ago, under the joint efforts of both sides, our bilateral relations have been increasingly close and cooperation in various fields are fruitful. Political mutual-trust between the two countries has been continuously deepened, and we have maintained close coordination and cooperation in international and regional affairs, China and Nepal are always trusted friends and partners. Our bilateral pragmatic cooperation is fruitful and economic and trade relations have developed rapidly. The bilateral trade volume reached nearly $ 1.2 billion last year, increasing by 61% compared to the year before last. China has provided a variety of economic and technical assistance to the Nepal which has played a constructive role in the improvement of Nepalese people's livelihood and economic development. The non-governmental exchanges between China and Nepal have also been promoted. Four batches of Chinese teachers and eight batches of Chinese volunteer teachers has been to the Nepal to introduce Chinese culture, which has pushed forward the exchanges at all levels and in many fields between China and Nepal increasingly frequent, and the traditional friendship more deepened. Looking into the past 57 years, although the world has its ups and downs, our traditional friendship has withstood the test and has set an example for the relations between countries featuring equality, friendly coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation.

As we celebrate the 57th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties and the 3rd anniversary of Confucius Classroom, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to those who have always concerned about and made positive contributions to the promotion of friendship between the two countries and the two peoples. Meanwhile, I believe that China Radio International Nepali Service and its Confucius Classroom will also continuously play a role as a bridge to connect the two peoples, and will constantly reinforce the bilateral friendly basis of public opinion and promote bilateral cultural exchange, and will play a more active role in promoting the friendly relations between the two countries.

The world today is undergoing great changes and adjustments, and prospects for development of relations between the two countries are broader. As good neighbors, friends and partners, the Chinese people are always sincerely watching the development of Nepal with the friendly feelings. China will continue to provide assistance within its capacity to promote Nepal's economic and social development.

There is an old saying in China that "history is a mirror that reflects the vicissitude of life". Let us stand on the new historical starting point to create a better future together!

Thank you.

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