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Chinese Embassy in Nepal holds the Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest

On 17 September, 2012, Chinese Embassy in Nepal held the awarding ceremony of the 3rd Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest. H.E. Mr. Yang Houlan, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, and Hon. Mr. Posta Bahadur Bogati, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal were present at the ceremony. More than 800 guests including officials from Ministry of Education of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, teachers and students from Confucius Institute in Kathmandu University, Chinese language volunteer teachers and awarded contesters attended the ceremony.

Yang said that He is very glad to see that after 3 years experiences, both Ambassador Cup Chinese Language Contest and Chinese Cultural Performance Contest have become platforms for Nepalese students to enhance Chinese language level, learn Chinese culture and understand China better. He believed that when taking part in the competition the contesters have also enjoyed the charm of Chinese language and profound Chinese civilization. He hoped that more and more Nepalese friends will learn Chinese language, and understand better about the splendid Chinese civilization, Chinese cultural tradition and the harmonious fast development of China today.


Bogati thanked the Chinese language volunteer teachers for their efforts and contributions. He said that Nepal-China friendship has a long history. In recent years Nepal-China relations in politics, economy, culture, education and other areas are steadily growing. Chinese economy is developing very fast. He hoped that through studying Chinese language, Nepali people will strengthen the friendly interactions with China, and become friendly envoys between Nepal and China to actively push forward the development of bilateral relations.



This year, more than 1000 participants from nearly 70 schools, colleges and universities all over Nepal have taken part in the contests. Among them, the eldest is 74 years old and the youngest is only 5. There are participants even from India and South Korea. 


On the ceremony, winners of Chinese Cultural Performance Contest performed fascinating Chinese song and dance, martial arts and gave Chinese speeches. The ceremony also exhibited over 50 pieces of Nepali students' paper cutting, painting, calligraphy, and China knots.


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