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H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan's Speech at the Farewell Program Hosted by Nepal Workers and Peasants Party

H.E.Mr. Narayan Man Bijukchee, Chairman of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party,

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends,

Good afternoon! I'm very pleased to this farewell program specially organized for me by Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, thank you so much. As a career diplomat, leaving has become a normal part of my life. However, it is the most difficult to say goodbye to Nepal at this moment. Working here for nearly two years, I have been deeply in love with this beautiful land, with the simplicity of the people here. I have made a lot of friends from all walks of life who have committed themself to China-Nepal friendship, which have left me good memories. I wish I could come back again in the future.

The friendship between China and Nepal can be traced back to ancient times, which has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. For nearly two years, under the strong support of the Nepali friends, the whole staff of the Embassy and I have made our greatest efforts to enhance the friendship between the two peoples, and to lift bilateral cooperation in political, economic, cultural fields and other areas to new levels. Now, I feel very proud and pleased of these achievements we have made .

Regarding political relations, Premier Wen Jiabao successfully visited Nepal last year, which is the first visit from a Chinese premier in last ten years. The two sides reached broad consensus on strengthening bilateral exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, trade, culture and other fields, and issued a joint statement, which promoted China-Nepal relations to a new stage of development.

Regarding economy and trade, the total bilateral trade volume reached $ 2 billion last year, an increase about 70%. The number of zero-tariff products that China unilaterally has given to Nepal extended to 7787 items, which effectively promote the development of bilateral economy and trade. More than 20 Chinese enterprises are now investing in Nepal, with a hundred million US dollars' input.

Regarding Cultural exchanges, China Festival, Chinese Language Contest, and China-Nepal Friendship Week, and exchange of visits of social and cultural groups have made the Year of China-Nepal Friendship Exchanges a great success. Recently, the two countries also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cultural cooperation and the establishment of the China Cultural Center in Nepal, which will undoubtedly promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Nepal Workers and Peasants Party is an important force in Nepali political arena, and has an important influence in Nepal. In the two years, your esteemed party has provided sincere support and assistance to the Embassy and me, and has made contributions to the friendship of the two countries, two parties and two peoples. In the future, China will maintain friendly exchanges and cooperation with your party as always, to jointly push forward the China-Nepal friendship.

There is an old Chinese saying that "Time flies so fast just like a white horse jump across a narrow gap", my term in Nepal has finished in a twinkling of an eye. However, I believe that "a bosom friend afar brings distance near". Our friendship cannot be interrupted by distance. Now, I would like to express my sincere thanks again to Nepal Workers and Peasants Party for your support and assistance to me, I hope your party could support the work of the Chinese Embassy as always, and I will continue to care about China-Nepal relations.

Thank you!

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