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"Tibet of China: Past and Present"Photo Exhibition Concluded Successfully in Daran

On Oct. 24, 2009, “Tibet of China: Past and Present”photo exhibition concluded successfully in Daran, Sunsary District, the eastern city of Nepal. During the past 3 days, thousands of Daran people visited the exhibition and sang high of the dramatic development of Tibet Autonomous Region of China after it initiated the democratic reform in 1959. The major presses of Nepal and local media have published various reports over it.


Mr. Qiu Guohong, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, the mayor, parliament members and well-known figures of all walks of life in Daran attended the opening ceremony on Oct. 22, 2009.

The photo exhibition, co-organized by Chinese embassy in Nepal and the World Cultural Net of Nepal, consists of 200 photos to display the glorious development of Tibet in the past 50 years. The same exhibition has already been held in Kathmandu from Aug. 5-9, 2009.

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