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Campus Culture and Living Facilities in Chinese Universities

Campus Culture

In view of the direct influence of campus culture upon students' development and education, Chinese universities attach great importance to cultivating healthy campus culture featuring their own characteristics, in a bid to build up a good school spirit.

Chinese universities often organize social and massive activities to improve the building up of
campus culture. The activities mainly include scientific experiments, academic exchanges, art performances, athletic competitions, and public welfare activities. International students in China are welcome to all these activities. In addition, universities organize special art performances, athletic competitions, performances in Chinese, and sightseeing for International students. By taking in part in such activities, International students will be able to better understand the Chinese culture, and increase exchanges with Chinese teachers and students.

Living facilities in Chinese universities

Chinese universities have student dormitories and dining halls, with most students being able to
have board and lodging within the campus. To provide convenience for international students, Chinese universities usually build dormitories and dining halls for them within the campus.

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