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Formalities Necessary to Entering China

Foreign students should enter China within the due terms of the visas, and go through the inspections at frontiers inspection station, customs and health department.

1. Frontier inspection: Generally foreign students should choose a port of entry near the city which the university to attend is located. A passport inspection at the frontier inspection station is required for entrance into China.

2. Foreign students with X visas must handle provisional accommodation registrations within 24 hours, and residence permits at local police stations within 30 days after they pass the frontier inspections.

3. Customs inspection: Foreign students must accurately complete the Passenger's Application for Articles in Their Luggage and report to Customs what they carry when entering China. Customs will release items without payment of duty or tax them in line with relevant regulations.

4. Health quarantine: Foreign students entering China are required to truthfully fill the Passenger's Health Report formalities and show the Physical Examination Record for Foreigner by hospitals or their protective inoculation certificates. At the arrival of universities, they need go to local health quarantine departments for an inspection of their health certificates. If the health records are found out of date, or some items are in lack or not proper, then re-examinations are necessary. Residence and enrollment procedures are dealt with only after they pass the certificate inspections or health inspections by the health quarantine departments.

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