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Preparation Before Coming to China

A. Climates & Daily clothing

1. Climates in China

Located in the east of Asia, China is at higher altitude in west; and lower and facing the Pacific Ocean in east. The most areas are within the northern temperate warm zone, and the whole territory features with continental monsoon climate.
Winter: temperatures differ clearly between north and south, and the temperature varies for 35°C between Guangzhou and Harbin in January.
Summer: temperature differential is small, accounting for merely 5 °C between the above two cities.

Spring and Autumn: it is warm and scenic with beautiful sunshine in most areas.

2. Daily clothing

Thin clothes are enough for Spring and Autumn in most areas. In Winter, thick clothes are necessary for outdoors activities in the freezing areas north of the Qinling-Mountain-Huaihe-River line although heating systems are available in both classrooms and dormitories.

B . Psychological Preparations for a Different Society and Culture

Psychological preparations for social and cultural differences between China and your home country should not be neglected before you set off to China. deliberation of possible problems and relevant solutions may be helpful to your happy academic life in China.

1. Avoid annoyances brought about by cultural differences. You may feel very interested in all the happenings around when just arriving in China. But soon you will get quite annoyed because of cultural differences, for instance, difficulty in oral communications, differences between value ideas and ways of thinking. But with further understanding of the new environment, you will gradually feel less lonely, and find pleasure in Chinese social and cultural life.

2. Get rid of senses of loss and confusion brought forth by the change of life style and customs of quite another kind. In China, a different country, you need to change your former life style and habitation more or less when away your own motherland, family and friends. For you will have to face a foreign environment which is completely different from what you have been used to before. Only further understanding and gradual adjustment can make you shake off these senses of loss and confusion.

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