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Teaching and Scientific Research in Chinese Universities

Teaching in China's universities is strictly implemented according to teaching plans and teaching programs. Teaching in universities usually include classroom lecture, classroom discussion, experiment class, exercise doing, and guidance class. In line with classroom teaching, other teaching forms are also organized, such as on-the-spot teaching, visits, practice teaching, and social investigations, in a bid to reinforce the effect of classroom teaching, and improve students' ability of doing practical work and using the knowledge they have learned. Libraries and reference rooms are open to students both at the university or department level, creating good conditions for students' study and research. Universities and colleges are well equipped with modernized teaching facilities to make sure all teaching plans should be realized.

Scientific research in China's universities and colleges is an important driving force to developing science and technology and fostering the economic construction. By September of 2000, China had 1,041 universities and colleges, with graduate students totaling 301,200, and undergraduate students 5.5609 million. These universities and colleges have established 102 state key laboratories and open research labs, as well as 36 state engineering research centers. Universities and colleges play an important role in China's scientific research.

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