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Higher Education in China

The institutions to implement higher education include universities, colleges, and professional schools of higher education. Schools of higher learning undertake teaching, scientific research, and social services.

Chinese universities are divided into several categories: some directly under the Ministry of education, others run by provincial, autonomous regional, and municipal governments, still others run by local center cities, as well as by communities. Chinese universities and independent colleges are equal institutions of higher learning.

China has established a very strict enrollment examination system to guarantee the quality of enrolled university students. Only those students who have received high school graduation certificates can go to college after passing the national entrance exam.

China's full-time institutions of higher learning have mo semesters in a school year (three semesters in some colleges). The first semester begins in early September, while the second in mid-February. One semester usually lasts about 20 weeks, with students having fives days of study every week. Besides winter and summer vacations, students also have one day off on New Year's Day, and three days off respectively during the Spring Festival, on International Labor Day and National Day. There are no other holidays during the whole semester.

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