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Expenses for Self-Financed Study in China

The following table is only a rough guide to expenses for self-financed foreign students. Costs vary from university to university as well as over time. For more detailed and up-to-date information, please consult the admission brochures of each institution.

Items Categories Applicants Fees(CNY)
Tuition Liberal arts Undergraduates, general scholars 14,000-26,000 yuan(per person per year)
master degree students, senior scholars 18,000-30,000 yuan(per person per year)
doctor degree students 22,000-34,000 yuan(per person per year)
short-term students 3,000- 4,800 yuan(per person per month)
Science technology,agronomy 10% to 30%higher than liberal arts students
Medicine,physical education,arts 50%-100%higher than liberal arts students
Application fee  400-800 yuan
Accommodation Charged in accordance with its standard for students living in the institution. Normally, US $2-3 per person (in a shared room with a public toilet and bathroom). Accomodation of a higher standard is often available, although at greater expense.
Course materials US $30-50 for arts subjects, a little bit more for sciences, agronomy, medicine, sports and art.
Canteen food US $40-60 per person per month for foreign student dining halls; US $20-30 per person per month for Chinese student dining halls.
Other expenses Living allowance,medical care in the institution,teaching materials and fees of experiments, teaching practice, touring outside the teaching plan shall be on the students
Note: at present, CNY 100 yuan roughly equals to US$12.
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