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Inbound/Outbound Numbers Highest Ever in First Half Year of 2002

According to the news of July 15, 2002 from China News Service the first half of this year saw an increase in incoming and outgoing numbers of people. According to the checked numbers from the nationwide entry and exit frontier check-posts they come to a total of 107.88 million person/times, a rise of 12 percent.

Of the inbound and outbound numbers of people, the inhabitants of China's mainland come to 14.6 million person/times, residents in Hong Kong and Macao adding up to 77.58 million and those of Taiwan numbering 3.5 million while those of alien lands come to 12.18 million person/times. All witness an increase as against that of last year.

Of the nationwide 221 frontier check-posts with passenger flows the first five of them are Luohu in Shenzhen, Zhuhai at Gongbei, Huanggang in Shenzhen, Capital Airport in Beijing and Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai according the number of passenger flows.

During the first half of the year, the outbound Chinese from China's inland came to a total of 7.35 million person/times, going to 226 countries and regions in the world. The first 10 countries and regions receiving more Chinese visitors include China's Hong Kong SAR, China's Macao SAR, Thailand, Japan, Russia, the ROK, the USA, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

As to the inbound visitors from alien lands, the first half of the year saw a total of 6.14 million arrivals from 234 countries and regions. According to the number of arrivals, the first 10 of them are Japan, the ROK, Russia, the USA, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Mongolia and Thailand and the UK.

As revealed from statistics, the nationwide frontier check-posts discovered and handled 27,300 person/times who were in violation of the law and decrees for entry and exit, found and captured 2,517 illegal border-trespassers and a big batch of culprits in economic and criminal cases.

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