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The Longhu Mountain
Longhu Mountain (Dragon and Tiger Mount) in Central China's Jiangxi Province is not as famous as Taishan or Yellow Mountains. But everyone who has visited it seems impressed by the experience. If it is not quite a journey to heaven, it is said to be something close.
Relics of Daoism and ancient tombs are two features of Longhu Mountain, but the natural scenery is also eye-catching, and even more interesting to some visitors.

Our guide said the mountain boasts 99 peaks, over 20 pools and waterfalls and 108 scenic spots overall. It isn't necessary to visit them all - it would completely wear you out.

All the peaks and rocks of the mountain are colored a peculiar deep red because of their composition, with a high iron content. In China, this characteristic is unique to the mountain.

Luxi Stream, which is also called the Shangqing River, is well known in the area. The stream meanders through the mountains and it is pleasant to sit on a boat and enjoy the scenery along the banks. The blue sky, white clouds, green water and red peaks bring people in contact with unspoilt nature.

Apart from the stream, the mountain itself is, of course, the main attraction of the place.

Our vehicle carried us to Luxi Stream, from where we could see the mountains towering in the far distance. As we approached the mountain on foot, the scene became even more beautiful. The waterfalls were crystal clear, while elegant pavilions stand under trees that drip with bright red flowers.

The mountain has many strange-looking peaks, some are huge and some more modest, but still lovely. Some look like the silhouette of a beautiful woman, some look like a roaring animals. Each has been given an interesting name.

Another interesting place along the river is Xujia Village, also known as "the village without mosquitoes". You can enjoy lively folk performances in the village.

Here, people can take bamboo rafts to travel along the river. The rafts are long and narrow, with just a few bamboo chairs on it. It is very relaxing to sit on the chairs and enjoy the feeling of calm and peace as the banks drift by. This is also the best way to enjoy the sunset.

The food in Longhu Mountain is also tasty. The three most famous dishes are beancurd, fish and chicken served with chestnut. The bean curd is very tender, the fish fresh and the chicken also delicious.

Ticket: 91 yuan (US$11)

Transportation: Reaching Yingtan City first by train, then you can take long-distance bus to Longhu Mountain at the bus station, west to the railway station. The ticket costs 5 yuan and it needs about 30 minutes’ driving.

Longhu Mountain is 120 km far from Nanchang airport, 150 km from Jingdezhen airport and 116 km from Wuyishan airport. Tourist may go there by air.

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