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Wang Yi Meets with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

On August 6, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the sideline of the series of Foreign Ministers' meetings on East Asia Cooperation in Manila, the Philippines.

Wang Yi said that I appreciated the realistic and positive attitude and the strategic vision of your speech about the policy towards China on August 1. China-US relations owe the avoidance of conflicts and the maintenance of development over the past 40 years to the most important experience that is the adherence to the one-China policy and the three China-US joint communiqu├ęs. Both sides should always insist on the above useful experience. Meanwhile, both sides should keep overcoming new problems in the development of bilateral relations, enhance cooperation with a broader view, and commit to resolving all kinds of international and regional challenges. The current China-US relations have kept a steady growth momentum in general. Both heads of state held a successful meeting again in Hamburg, Germany, reaching new and important consensus on bilateral relations. The first round of China-US diplomatic and security dialogue and comprehensive economic dialogue achieved positive results. At the same time, there are also some sensitive issues in China-US relations, which need to be properly handled. The next stage is to design and well prepare for President Donald Trump's visit to China within this year and successfully hold the first round of law enforcement and cyber security dialogue as well as the social and people-to-people and cultural dialogue, which will not only deepen bilateral relations, but also make a plan for the development of China-US relations in the next 50 years. As two permanent members of the Security Council, on the basis of mutual respect, the enhancement of understanding and mutual trust as well as the strengthening of dialogue and cooperation between China and the US not only benefit both countries, but also show the world a more positive, more predictable and more sustainable prospect of China-US relations.

Rex Tillerson said that as the world's largest and second economies, the US and China do not conflict and confront with each other, which not only conforms to the interests of both countries, but also is conducive to the world peace and development. On the basis of success achieved so far, the two sides should seriously consider how to define the relationship between the two countries in the following five decades, and make full use of the meetings between the two heads of state and four dialogue mechanisms to enhance understanding and deepen cooperation, thus promoting the smooth development of bilateral relations and benefiting the two countries and people of the world.

The two sides exchanged views on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the South China Sea issue and other issues. Wang Yi said that through joint efforts of China and ASEAN countries, the situation in the South China Sea has been stabilized and the important and positive progress has been made. China hopes that the US could respect the efforts of China and ASEAN countries in safeguarding regional peace and stability and play a constructive role to this end. China has made great efforts to properly handle the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue in an objective, just and responsible manner. Blindly imposing sanctions is not a solution. It is hoped that the US side will give serious consideration on the "suspension-for-suspension" proposal put forward by China. Wang Yi also reiterated the principled position against the US implementing unilateral sanctions on the Chinese enterprises in accordance with its domestic laws.

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